Biblical Images
The Nativity and other images

Since 2002, during the season of advent, and at other times during the year, the pattern has beenfor me to contemplate, through drawing and painting, themes relevant to the biblical connection associated with Christian calender.

A strong influence on my work have been orthodox icon, the tradition of commedia del'arte and the mystery plays of medieval times. In particular, a collection of plays called 'Mistero Buffo' by the Italian playright Dario Fo, 'Mistero Buffo' is poignant, challenging, funny and devastating.

The New Testament is put in the context of the market place, ordinary people with all their vulnerabilities and extra- ordinariness. Being part of events that they - we - often find hard to handle or understand, and because they are so close to us we often don't see them....

The Nativity


Via Crucis