Caroline is interested in human form as it dances through life's different challenges and encounters. Many of her images have been shaped through her observations, and sometimes participation in various dance forms, such as Arabic Egyptian dance, Folk dance, Contemporary, Ballet and ArgentineTango.

When I draw dancers the form often moves away from the contours of my understanding of a normal definded body shape.  A whole roll of thick lining paper might be used in one session. 

The a book called Animals and the Origin of Dance, Steven Lonsdale writes

' The flight of birds is a talent coveted by earth-bound mortals, who interprete soaring as a liberation, in as much, as it is a negation of gravity which connotes levity of spirit. The acrobatic dancer like the bird is a highly priviliged creature, he has a distinct control over gravity and in his leaps can create the illusion of flight.'

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